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Creative Destruction and the Sharing Economy

March 3, 2017


traffic-cars-manhattan-istock-503709042Henrique Schneider explores the implications of creative destruction, competition regulation and the role that businesses play, using Uber as an example. […]

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Collaborative Governance for Social Innovation and the Rise of the Hybrid Domain

January 13, 2017


istock-512692038-computer-people-abstractYuko Aoyama and Balaji Parthasarathy explore possibilities for new governance structures that blend social and economic missions and advance the livelihoods of the poor in the Global South. […]

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The Geography of Innovation

November 11, 2016



Richard Shearmur challenges prevailing knowledge on the geography of innovation. […]

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The Ethical Discussion of Innovation – by Georges Enderle

December 16, 2015



Innovation has become a buzzword that promises dramatic changes in almost every field of business. Absent from this fascination, however, is a serious discussion of the ethical aspects of dramatic change. Georges Enderle discusses recent news which can shed a bright light on the mind-boggling prospects being considered without ethical discussion and guidance. […]

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Innovate and Disrupt: new challenges and opportunities in the Creative Industries — by Robert DeFillippi

September 18, 2014

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The explosion of technology in the last few decades has caused fundamental disruptions within the creative industries, leading to both excitement and fear for their future. Professor Robert DeFillippi argues that it is vitally important that creative organizations understand the drivers of disruption and devise strategies for coping with these so that threats may be turned into opportunities. […]

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