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Entrepreneurship: About the Power in Just Not Being and Acting As If – by Björn Bjerke

June 21, 2013



(Photo credit: joiseyshowaa via flickr cc)

Our society is a changing society. We can notice this everywhere. But to say that we live in ‘a society of change’ is not enough. Today’s changes more often than before lead to challenges containing genuine uncertainties – uncertainties which cannot be reduced by careful and more detailed planning. Our changes have changed, so to say. This also means that we can no longer sit and wait for what the future might bring, but are forced to create the future – starting today.

There are those who claim that the society of today is a knowledge society. I agree. But what does this mean – really? It means, above all, that the most strategic resource today for starting up a new activity is no longer money, but something else.


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