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Entrepreneurship education all at sea – by Colin Jones

November 21, 2013


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During the last two years I have had the good fortune to gain exposure to many approaches to educating for and through entrepreneurship. It would seem that the world is alive and thriving, with enterprise everywhere. Everywhere it would seem but the traditional business school, which continues to see entrepreneurship as merely a subject area like marketing, accounting and human resources. Alternatively, some business schools are finally getting their act together and seeking to position themselves through the development of an enterprising mindset. Sadly, the traditional business school, drowning in mediocrity is reaching out to the increasingly popular entrepreneurship programs for salvation; just as strategic management research scholars did through the 80s and 90s. What they fail to see is that their time in the sun is almost done. To demonstrate this claim, lets consider the nature of innovations bubbling away related to enterprise education. […]

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The Global Market for Higher Education a Decade On – by Tim Mazzarol

March 28, 2013


Said Business School, University of Oxford

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What significant trends in higher education have occurred so far in the 21st Century?

In 2001, Tim Mazzarol and Geoff Soutar published a book entitled The Global Market for Higher Education: Sustainable Competitive Strategies for the New Millenium, in which they identified a number of key areas that higher education institutions around the world might need to focus on in the future in order to become effective contenders in an ever-competitive market.  These included: introducing practical and vocational training, developing new and innovative programs of study, forming alliances with industry groups and corporations, and establishing a ‘university brand’.  Their book also included predictions in terms of rising tuition fees, the privatisation of the higher education sector and commercialisation of academic research and teaching, and the emergence of ‘virtual universities’.

In the following article, Tim discusses how these forecasts compare with how the higher education global market has evolved over the past decade.  Going forward, what strategies does he think institutions will need to adopt in order to be successful? […]

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