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Sustainable consumption and production: changing our relationship with cars – by Paul Nieuwenhuis

March 11, 2014


Abandoned car

photo credit: cloudzilla via Flickr cc

I have spent much of the past 25 years or so trying to work out how we can have our car and be sustainable at the same time. Most of my fellow environmentalists would argue that is impossible and that people should just give up their cars and use public transport, walk or cycle instead. That line of argument is a bit of a dead end, because most people are just not going to do that. In fact more and more people in countries like India and China are taking up car ownership and car use in droves, because cars are just very appealing even where they are not the most practical or sensible transport mode. It is important to realize that a car is much more than a transport mode and that it is this range of other qualities that hold much of its appeal. […]

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