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Don’t Pay Polluters – by James Boyce

January 15, 2013


Photo: Taras Kalapun, Creative Commons 2.0

Photo: Taras Kalapun, Creative Commons 2.0

A hitherto little known greenhouse gas called ‘HFC-23’ hit the headlines in 2012. Also called fluoroform, it’s a waste gas generated in the manufacture of refrigerants. Compared with carbon dioxide (CO2), HFC-23 is a minor greenhouse gas. Pound-for-pound, however, it traps more than 10,000 times as much heat.  In this article, originally posted on TripleCrisis, James Boyce discusses the problems associated with offsetting this gas and the resulting lessons for climate policy.


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Governing EU-Asia Climate Relations – by David Belis

September 5, 2012


Shanghai air pollution sunset (Wikicommons)

Due to double-digit economic growth and related booming greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, major Asian developing economies such as China and, to a lesser extent, India have moved center-stage in all important areas of global governance. The restructuring of the global world order has a particularly profound impact on the global climate regime, as established by the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Since the 2009 Copenhagen summit, China in particular has assumed a pivotal role in international climate negotiations. As a result, the relationship between China and the most active player in the climate regime, the European Union, has become a key element for future climate governance practices. […]

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