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Elgar Debates: How to Promote a Global Economic Recovery? “The worst infliction we can impose on our economies is to leave them to the tyranny of the markets”

November 20, 2014




What are the best economic policies to promote global recovery? In the first letter of our Elgar Debates series, Steve Kates presented the Free Market view of the current economic crisis.   In this second letter Louis-Philippe Rochon gives his reply, setting out what he sees as the problems with reliance on the market and suggesting four practical steps to promote economic recovery. […]

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Who’s Afraid of Free Market Economics? By Steven Kates

October 23, 2014



San Paulo Stock Exchange, by Rafael Matsunaga (CC BY 2.0).

As the Second Edition of Free Market Economics: an Introduction for the General Reader has just been published, author Dr Steven Kates tells us why his textbook is still unique.


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What’s the problem with International Aid for Education? By Pauline Dixon

July 15, 2014



Reliance on International Aid for education in developing countries often leads to corruption and mismanagement that undermines the very purpose for which the aid was given.  But it does not have to be this way.  Dr Pauline Dixon, Reader in International Development and Education at Newcastle University, argues for a market-orientated model that would better serve those who need it most.


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Free Markets, Say’s Law and the Failure of Keynesian Economics – by Steven Kates

November 28, 2012


Photo: Mark Wainwright, Creative Commons 2.0

How can we return the economy from the midst of recession to rapid rates of growth? Steven Kates explains why adopting Kenynesian policy is doomed to failure, and instead advocates classical theory based on a proper understanding of Say’s Law.


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