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Climate Change and Path Dependency – by Michael R. Redclift

November 7, 2013


wind farm at sunset with human in sea in foreground

photo credit: Bev Goodwin via Flickr cc

In the introduction to the ‘Handbook On Climate Change And Human Security’, the Editors review the political and economic context of the ‘carbon age’, inferring that market-based and fossil fuel-centred socio-economic systems – by triggering global climate change – are seriously threatening our planet, together with other forms of resource degradation. At the same time human societies and their environments are bound together in sets of complex relationships in which carbon use and dependence form a central dimension. In the following article, Michael Redclift proposes that the concept of human security is the key entry-point for disentangling the entrenched and multi-layered connections between the carbon age and natural and socio-economic systems, and the ambivalent relationship with climate change.


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