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Crisis for Public-Private Partnerships: how can the law help? By Yseult Marique

August 21, 2014



Public-Private Partnerships are responsible for providing many public services in the UK and can make the businesses that run them hundreds of millions of pounds of profit. In times of government austerity they are controversial but, as Dr Yseult Marique argues, they are here to stay. Here she lists some changes in the legal framework that would make them more effective and lead towards the delivery of better services. […]

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Dealing with transport infrastructure backlogs by John Stanley

June 24, 2014



Many countries around the world are currently facing a transport infrastructure backlog of substantial proportions – it is rare to find a city, for example, that does not find itself in this situation, for roads, public transport or both. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) are a common response for roads, with tolling opportunities to remove or reduce the impact on a government’s balance sheet. However, PPP opportunities usually entail some loss of network control and are limited in potential scope.


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