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Going Dutch in flood management? – by Sander Meijerink and Dave Huitema

March 21, 2014


flooding in the Somerset levels

photo credit: nicksarebi via Flickr cc

Yesterday we were reminded by the animated Google homepage that it was the first day of spring. As the days get longer and we experience more clement weather, it is easy to forget that only a matter of weeks ago we experienced the wettest weather in the UK for at least 250 years. Flooding inundated thousands of homes and caused at least £1bn of damage.

George Osbourne announced in his budget statement this week that £140m will be pledged to repairing damaged flood defences, but does this represent the best solution for ensuring better protection in the future? We asked Sander Meijerink and Dave Huitema, founding editors of the watergovernance blog, what we could learn from the Dutch approach to flood risk management.


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