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Innovate and Disrupt: new challenges and opportunities in the Creative Industries — by Robert DeFillippi

September 18, 2014

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The explosion of technology in the last few decades has caused fundamental disruptions within the creative industries, leading to both excitement and fear for their future. Professor Robert DeFillippi argues that it is vitally important that creative organizations understand the drivers of disruption and devise strategies for coping with these so that threats may be turned into opportunities. […]

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Transforming Technological Research, Developments and Related Investments into Value: How Does This Work in China? – by Claudio Petti

September 11, 2012


Electronics factory in Shenzhen (Wikicommons)

Bringing technologies to the market and thereby creating profits, high-qualified jobs and industrial upgrading is one of the means by which China can fuel its brand new growth model based on innovation and sustainability. But how does Chinese technological entrepreneurship differ from that in the West?


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