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The Future of the World’s Forests – by Rowena Maguire

February 12, 2013

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Photo: Ecotrust Canada, Creative Commons 2.0

Photo: Ecotrust Canada, Creative Commons 2.0

Forest regulation is never far from the headlines.  The recent COP 18 negotiations held in Doha towards the end of 2012 were criticized by observers for slowing the development of the ‘REDD+’ initiative and for marking the end of ‘Forest Day’, whilst in the last month controversy has arisen following reports that the World Bank’s investment in forestry-related projects has failed to address poverty or benefit local communities.

Dr Rowena Maguire’s research focuses on international climate and forest regulation and indigenous and community groups rights and responsibilities in connection with environmental management.  Her new book, Global Forest Governance, identifies the fundamental legal principles and governance requirements of Sustainable Forest Management, an introduction to which is provided in her article below.


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