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The organisation of social security, a worldwide challenge

June 20, 2019



Mies Westerveld and Marius Olivier on how to include workers in, and prevent exit from, social security.


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A new trade policy for the European Union

May 16, 2019


Cargo Boat with room in front

Rafael Leal-Arcas on the European Union’s (EU) existing law and policy in the field of international trade.


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Law and Morality

April 25, 2019


Scales of Justice

David McIlroy discusses natural law theory and moral justifications in court.


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Fixing copyright: Attending the Charles Clark memorial lecture

March 14, 2019

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I was fortunate to be able to attend the Charles Clark memorial lecture on Tuesday afternoon at the London Book Fair, delivered by Elgar author Daniel Gervais, and attended by many dignitaries and stakeholders in the copyright world.

The prestigious Charles Clark Memorial Lecture is an annual event hosted by the Publishers Association (PA), Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), the Federation of European Publishers (FEP), the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS), and the International Publishers Association (IPA). Focussing on key developments in the world of copyright, the lecture celebrates the achievements of Charles Clark—a British publisher and lawyer who was an authority on the law of copyright.

Daniel Gervais, Professor of Intellectual property law at Vanderbilt University, former friend and colleague of Charles Clark, and author of the book (Re)Structuring Copyright, spoke eloquently on the changing role of intermediation in delivering informational and cultural goods, exceptions as the new rules, and copyright and progress.

Focussing on the changing roles of intermediaries (platforms and tech giants), on the treatment of limitations and exceptions to copyright, and on how copyright can contribute to progress, Gervais delivered a compelling message on how the current system for international protection of copyright is broken and needs to be fixed urgently and decisively.

Gervais indicated that it is time to rethink the rules that exempt intermediaries from liability for activities and systems that undermine copyright protection. He called for a more dynamic copyright system that speaks to quality more than quantity, where Publishers don’t reject calls for access but find creative ways to deliver that access, and for a system that rewards creativity effectively and fosters an environment where copyright can contribute positively to human progress.

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Women in Law. Girl Least Likely 2.0

March 8, 2019


Photo of woman eye and business city. Double exposure

” My influence as a young woman, and subsequently, has come from being curious, seeking knowledge, full of ideas that were solutions-oriented, and having the confidence to speak. My dominant characteristic is a sense of accountability; that we must act if things are going to change for the better.”

Susan Harris Rimmer is Associate Professor , Griffith University Law School, Australia


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