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Intellectual Bubbles in Economics?

August 4, 2016

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bubblesDuring the past few decades the subjects of economic history and the history of economic thought have been removed from the study programs of economics in many universities. In some institutions they are not taught any longer. Economics has lost its history. This move would be at least partly understandable, provided economics has all of a sudden turned into a subject in which only ‘correct’ doctrines and views are being elaborated and taught and made the foundation of ‘sound’ economic policy. Gilbert Faccarello and Heinz D. Kurz explain more. […]

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The Failure of Economic Policy

July 29, 2016


Economics-UmbrellaEconomics needs to get rid of its “dismal science” status, to really become a relevant scientific approach to understand and eventually solve the major socio-economic as well as geo-political issues of the contemporary world. Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi take a look at the way ahead. […]

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68 Things Academic Publishers Do

June 29, 2016



By Francine O’Sullivan

A few years ago I read a blogpost in The Scholarly Kitchen on on ‘A Proposed List – 60 Things Journal Publishers Do’ and it inspired me to come up with my own list of 60 things book publishers do. The are interesting times and so that list is now somewhat out of date and so I have revised it to include 68 things a high quality academic book publisher will do to help disseminate good research, maximise citations and protect their authors’ work and interests. Times are moving fast so it is very much a work in progress but I hope it gives an idea of the kind of value you should expect your publisher to add to the research process. […]

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Brexit Debate: Being Part of the European Global Macro-region Could be Vital for British Cities

May 13, 2016


Thames and London City

Brexit enthusiasts argue that to maintain and improve its position in the world economy the UK doesn’t need to be part of the European Union. But research published in Changing Urban and Regional Relations in Europe: Europe as a Global Macro-region paints a different picture.

The two and a half year study* by Kathy Pain and Gilles Van Hamme with academics in the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Sweden, identifies for the first time just how functionally interconnected and integrated the European economic space really is. […]

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‘Dollar Dave’ and the Reserve Bank: a tale of art, theft and human rights by Stephen Gray

March 23, 2016



This year marks the 50th anniversary of Changeover day: when Australia swapped from pounds to the new decimal currency. But the “C” in Changeover day might equally stand for Copyright day, for it marks the first Aboriginal copyright dispute. Stephen Gray goes on to explain.


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