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Publish or Perish: Perceived Benefits versus Unintended Consequences

January 24, 2018



Imad Moosa explores the pressure on academics to prove their worth by publishing their work.


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EDITORS’ NOTE: Getting Your Articles Published in Economics Journals – Editors Offer Some Advice

October 9, 2014


blog_journal_coversIn this article, 15 editors give their advice on how to get your paper published in an economics journal.  By Valentin Cojanu, Paul Davidson, Alicia Giron, John Harvey, Eckhard Hein, Heinz D. Kurtz, Jack Reardon, Steve PressmanWolfram Elsner, Louis-Philippe Rochon, Allesandro Roncagalia, Barkley Rosser, Neri Salvadori, Malcolm Sawyer and  Mario Seccareccia.


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