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Better Understanding China – and Ourselves

July 16, 2019

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Protest 3

Teresa Wright looks at the different aspects of political rule and democracy in China.


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Why Does Biology Matter in Political Science?

May 24, 2017


Directly challenging a long dominant paradigm, Albert Somit presents the case for a “more biologically oriented” political science. […]

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Crisis of Democracy and the Role of Political Science

January 4, 2017



Hans Keman examines the role of Political Science in today’s changing society. […]

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The New Normal

June 27, 2016


iStock_53280524_sunrise-londonSMALLRalph Fevre explores the history behind the Referendum and what next for Britain.

The 2016 EU referendum vote requires a long process of readjustment in British internal politics. For forty years, normal British politics have been about getting a relatively small number of key voters in each constituency to switch from one side to another. Political strategists have assumed these voters share values that happen to make most of them favour staying in the EU. […]

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The Problems of Majority Rule – by Jac Heckelman

January 13, 2016



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Majority rule is often considered to be a pillar of democratic decision-making. Yet there are several problems with relying on majority rule as Jac Heckelman goes on to discuss.


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