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The Bleak Silence that Greeted Warning that we have 12 Years to Save the Planet

October 25, 2018

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Geoffrey Jones explores the world’s reaction to the news that we have 12 years to reverse climate change and places it in wider historical context. […]

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A world where the rivers are people too

June 22, 2017


Catherine Iorns Magallanes takes a look at how adoption of individual elements of law can help shift both mindsets and practice to protect the earth for the future. […]

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Paying for Nature

September 8, 2016


snowy-treeIn the past many of the ways in which we benefit from the natural world have been overlooked. The law has traditionally taken into account only those benefits based on physical possession of land or on tangible produce which has a commercial value, such as timber. Other concerns, such as fresh air, clear water and the state of biodiversity, have therefore fallen outside the law’s regard. Colin Reid explores the issue.


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