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Understanding the Big Picture and Connecting Dots

February 17, 2021


Author of Humanitarian Local and Regional Development, Mustafa Dinc, critically reviews the factors that disrupt local and regional development.
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Nanotechnology-based Global Artificial Photosynthesis Can Make a Sustainable World – by Thomas Faunce

November 5, 2012


One of our most important emerging technologies, nanotechnology, has to date been wasted on consumer applications that include clear sunscreens, less smelly shirts and socks, stronger, light weight bicycles and golf clubs. The argument can be made, however, that nanotechnology’s ethical destiny is to become a form of planetary therapeutics. Nanotechnology may be particularly important, for instance, as a mechanism for improving upon photosynthesis and engineering it into all human structures (roads, bridges, houses, skyscrapers, vehicles) for localised production of carbon-neutral hydrogen based-fuel and carbohydrate-based food and fertilizer. Artificial photosynthesis, because of its unique and widespread public and environmental benefits in this period of human history, may even be termed the moral culmination of nanotechnology.


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