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A world where the rivers are people too

June 22, 2017


Catherine Iorns Magallanes takes a look at how adoption of individual elements of law can help shift both mindsets and practice to protect the earth for the future. […]

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Collaborative Governance for Social Innovation and the Rise of the Hybrid Domain

January 13, 2017


istock-512692038-computer-people-abstractYuko Aoyama and Balaji Parthasarathy explore possibilities for new governance structures that blend social and economic missions and advance the livelihoods of the poor in the Global South. […]

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Delhi ‘cracks’ Brussels: India’s mission to access the European market – by Pascaline Winand

February 24, 2015



by Anurag Agnihotri – (CC BY 2.0)


The European Union and India might not seem like the most obvious of natural partners. Yet, as Professor Pascaline Winand writes, the story of their on-off engagement over the past 60-or-so years and their efforts to build a mature trade relationship have turned up a fascinating story of trade access and shifting realities.


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