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From shadow forces to much-needed experts in new technologies: the role of private contractors in modern warfare

March 25, 2020


Three WWII Soldiers Running In The Desert Sand

Frauke Renz on the legal implications of Private military and security companies.


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The UN Funds, Programmes and Semi-autonomous Agencies: a glass half full? – by Richard Woodward and Michael Davies

October 24, 2013


United Nations logo

photo credit: Kevin Gong via Flickr cc

Today, if the United Nations General Assembly had its way, you would be on vacation. In 1971, the Assembly adopted Resolution 2782 recommending that 24th October, celebrated since 1948 as UN Day to mark the anniversary of the entry into force of the UN Charter, should be observed as a public holiday by all member states.

A cursory online survey of national public holidays however, suggests that few, if any, of us will have cause to thank the UN for the opportunity to put our feet up. That UN Day is widely ignored could be interpreted as evidence that there is little worth celebrating. […]

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