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Back to the future for International Organisations? By Michael Davies and Richard Woodward

October 6, 2015



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How have international organizations developed and what will their role be in the future?  Michael Davies and Richard Woodward argue that in their composition and structure many international organizations are returning to their 19th century roots.


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International Organizations: Q and A with the textbook authors – Richard Woodward and Michael Davies

May 16, 2014



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The authors of International Organizations: A Companion offer a question and answer piece to accompany their pioneering and comprehensive analysis of over one hundred international organizations. Michael Davies and Richard Woodward explain why their textbook will serve as an essential companion volume supplementing other core texts in the field.


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The Governance of the International Political Economy – by Anthony Payne & Nicola Phillips

April 16, 2014


Hands in the airIf you ask most people by whom they are governed or, more pointedly, from where they are governed, they will probably answer by referring you to the ‘government’ of the country in which they live. Some might throw in a reference to the local government of their city, region or locality; some, especially those living in Europe, might also mention their sense that they are increasingly being governed by bureaucrats and politicians who work beyond national borders in regional institutions.

Hardly anyone will allude in any way to the international or global stage. Doesn’t everyone know that there is no ‘world government’? Isn’t international politics just a matter of state opposing state, with every country using its power to get away with whatever it can? Well, yes and no. […]

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International Political Economy: a pluralistic field of study – by Benjamin J. Cohen

January 24, 2014


Planet Earth

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What is International Political Economy (IPE)?  Even for specialists, that is not an easy question to answer.  IPE is a widely recognized field of academic study.  Yet being multidisciplinary by nature, it is also difficult to define.  Clearly, IPE has something to do with economics (economy).  It also has something to do with politics (political).  And it somehow relates to the world beyond the confines of the individual state (international).  On these three elements, all scholars concur.  But that is about as far as agreement reaches.  In practice there seem to be many conceptions of IPE – a cornucopia of alternative views about what questions to ask and how to answer them.  The field is notoriously diverse.  In a new Elgar Advanced Introduction, I provide a guide to the remarkable pluralism that characterizes the study of IPE across the globe. […]

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