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‘Journalists’ and the law in the digital era by Ian Cram

March 2, 2016



The facility that many of us now can be authors and disseminators to the world at large of our own thoughts and opinions is a truly distinguishing feature of modern times. In terms of the potential to liberate public discourse from the confined news agenda and narratives on offer from corporate news organisation, there are clear gains to a self-governing democracy, Ian Cram explains more.


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The European ‘Global Macro-Region’ – Redrawing the world map of globalization by Kathy Pain and Gilles Van Hamme

June 10, 2014



The European ‘global macro-region’ is a functional space distinct from the EU, which has been identified in a European Commission funded study by academics from Belgium, the UK, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Sweden. 

The two-and-a-half year study has investigated the major changes that people, businesses and state authorities in European countries are being swept up in as the dynamic changes associated with globalization proceed.

The research provides new answers to leading questions about Europe’s changing urban and regional relations in an increasingly integrated and global world:

1 – To what extent is Europe on the receiving end of the forces of globalization?

2 – To what extent is Europe a leading driver in the dynamics of global change?


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