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Positive People Make for Healthy Workplaces

April 9, 2019



Paul Fairlie describes the attributes of positive people and their links to healthy workplaces.


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Showcasing Intellectual Frontiers: the art of organizing a successful academic conference – by André Broome

May 26, 2015

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Creative Company Conference 2011

Photo by Sebastiaan ter Berg (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Academic conferences provide an invaluable channel for scholars to exchange ideas and research, as well as an important forum for discussing the possibilities for future collaboration across researchers from different universities and countries. Dr André Broome from the University of Warwick offers tips on how academics can organize successful conference events that showcase new intellectual frontiers rather than rehashing tired doctrines.


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Unlocking Creative Management – by Chris Bilton and Stephen Cummings

January 29, 2014

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commerce court, CIBC

photo credit: Paul Bica via Flickr cc

Creativity is not a tangible asset like mineral deposits that can be hoarded or fought over or even bought or sold. We must begin to think of creativity as a common good, like liberty or security. It is something essential that belongs to all of us, and that must always be fed, renewed and maintained—or else it will slip away” (Florida, 2002: xxvi).

Managers aspiring to maintain and renew this asset will find much food for thought in the recently published Handbook Of Management And Creativity, which draws on current research and case studies to consider creativity across four aspects of business: innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership and organisation.

In the following article, the editors Chris Bilton and Stephen Cummings explain the importance of adopting an integrated approach.

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