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Living the Urban Moment

March 29, 2017



John Rennie Short examines the phenomenon of rapid urbanization. […]

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Institutions and Uneven Regional Economic Development

March 24, 2017


city-on-globe-illus-iStock-626522986Robert Huggins and Piers Thompson outline the mechanisms underlying regional economic growth and competitiveness, in particular the role of institutions within these processes. […]

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Brexit Debate: Being Part of the European Global Macro-region Could be Vital for British Cities

May 13, 2016


Thames and London City

Brexit enthusiasts argue that to maintain and improve its position in the world economy the UK doesn’t need to be part of the European Union. But research published in Changing Urban and Regional Relations in Europe: Europe as a Global Macro-region paints a different picture.

The two and a half year study* by Kathy Pain and Gilles Van Hamme with academics in the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Bulgaria and Sweden, identifies for the first time just how functionally interconnected and integrated the European economic space really is. […]

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