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Steve Kates on Say’s Law and the Keynesian Revolution

September 7, 2015



This is a podcast of me talking to Tom Woods about my first book Say’s Law and the Keynesian Revolution.  I think of it as the single most important economic issue of our time, because if we don’t finally work it out that Keynes got it completely wrong, we are going to create for ourselves a permanently lower standard of living and a widening underclass of the unemployed and under-employed.


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Who’s Afraid of Free Market Economics? By Steven Kates

October 23, 2014



San Paulo Stock Exchange, by Rafael Matsunaga (CC BY 2.0).

As the Second Edition of Free Market Economics: an Introduction for the General Reader has just been published, author Dr Steven Kates tells us why his textbook is still unique.


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Free Markets, Say’s Law and the Failure of Keynesian Economics – by Steven Kates

November 28, 2012


Photo: Mark Wainwright, Creative Commons 2.0

How can we return the economy from the midst of recession to rapid rates of growth? Steven Kates explains why adopting Kenynesian policy is doomed to failure, and instead advocates classical theory based on a proper understanding of Say’s Law.


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