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Collaborative Governance for Social Innovation and the Rise of the Hybrid Domain

January 13, 2017


istock-512692038-computer-people-abstractYuko Aoyama and Balaji Parthasarathy explore possibilities for new governance structures that blend social and economic missions and advance the livelihoods of the poor in the Global South. […]

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The Return of Social Innovation as a Scientific Concept – by Frank Moulaert and Abid Mehmood

October 8, 2013


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Social Innovation has been receiving much media attention these days. It prominently features in contemporary policy discussions and political debates. It is often applied to explain a variety of ‘things’ ranging from actions for microfinance to healthcare provision, and from governance affairs to policy innovations. Many social movements are also seen pursuing social innovation, or at least flirting with the notion. As such it has become a flagship term for some specific bottom-up styles and models in management practice, collective action, economic activity, and social policy etc. But the question remains, Does social innovation have a scientific status? Or is it just a fashionable slogan that can be used à la carte? Two of the four editors of The International Handbook on Social Innovation investigate.


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Measuring innovation: the use of indicators in developing policy – by Fred Gault

August 15, 2013


Innovation Indicators

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The recently published ‘Handbook Of Innovation Indicators And Measurement‘ examines indicators and statistical measurement in the context of innovation.  The book’s success, according to editor Fred Gault, is driven by the fact that the contributors are practitioners in this area; they know from first-hand experience what works and what doesn’t.  In addition, this collection also presents an agenda for the development of the subject and is expected to inform discussions at the next OECD Blue Sky Indicators conference.  

In answering the questions that follow, Fred provides further details about his area of research and explains the significance of innovation indicators in developing policy.


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