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The Importance of Multilevel Networks in Society

April 23, 2020


iStock-1174818020networks20cmEmmanuel Lazega uses multilevel networks to explore the combination between two logics of organization: bureaucracy and collegiality


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Entrepreneurship: An Evolutionary Approach – by Howard Aldrich

February 6, 2013


Entrepreneurship Image Large

Professor Howard Aldrich has made a key contribution to entrepreneurship research over several decades.  He takes a particular interest in applying evolutionary theory to the field and finds entrepreneurship – where things are fresh and new – to be the perfect context in which to explore a variety of phenomena.

Here he discusses the background to his new book ‘An Evolutionary Approach to Entrepreneurship‘, explaining his ‘accidental’ journey to the discipline, and concludes with some invaluable advice for young scholars beginning their careers in this area.


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