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Wellbeing: An idea whose time has come?

July 8, 2016

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Ian Bache and Louise Reardon examine the recent focus on wellbeing and where it is heading.

The terms ‘wellbeing’ and ‘quality of life’ are frequently utilised as part of political rhetoric. In the recent UK EU referendum campaign for example, UKIP leader Nigel Farage invoked quality of life as a reason to vote leave – and as a way to undermine the economic concerns of those wanting to remain in the EU. For over a decade, David Cameron has spoken of the need to promote GWB (General Wellbeing Being) and not just GDP. At one point he went as far as to say that ‘Improving our society’s sense of well-being is… the central political challenge of our time’. In Cameron’s case, however, engagement with wellbeing has been more than just rhetorical. […]

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Would You Publish Your Well-being Indicators? – by Cary Cooper

October 2, 2012


What are the benefits of public and private sector organisations publishing well-being indicators and FTSE 100 companies completing benchmarking questionnaires covering areas such as occupational health and employee engagement? Cary Cooper discusses these new initiatives, as originally published in his blog.

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