Professor Robert Cryer

January 7, 2021

academic law

Professor Robert Cryer, one of the UK’s leading international criminal lawyers and a prolific contributor to various books published by Edward Elgar, sadly passed away few days ago. Some of his leading academic contributions over the past decade have been published with Elgar, on various such topics as war crimesinternational crime of tortureimmunities before international criminal courtsphilosophy of international criminal law, or analysis of the general state of research on the law of the use of force. This has been only a small share of vast contribution that Rob has made to academic discipline to which he had dedicated his entire adult life. Despite his sad and premature death that brought tragedy and devastation to his many friends, Rob has more than succeeded in becoming one of leading voices of international legal scholarship both in the UK and worldwide. His research, whether sole-authored or written in collaboration with his valued friends and colleagues, invariably set the highest standard of academic rigour and analytical creativity that many could admire and learn from, but only relatively few have so far attained.

We have made the chapters linked above free to access on Elgaronline for a limited time.


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