April 28, 2017


Giacomo Becattini – Remembering a Great Contemporary Political Economist

lights-cityscapeEarlier this year we saw the passing of Giacomo Becattini one of the world’s finest economists. Marco Bellandi and Lisa De Propris celebrate his life and legacy. Continue reading…

April 27, 2017


Public or Private Goods? Redefining the Res Publica

iStock-514314934-newspaperMany tasks that have previously been provided by the public sector have become private in the last thirty years in Europe and abroad. What have been the arguments for shifting from the public to the private? And what have been the outcomes? Brigitte Unger explores the issue. Continue reading…

April 20, 2017


How Can Parental Disadvantages be Compensated?

Jani Erola and Elina Kilpi-Jakonen examine the influence of resource compensation on social mobility. Continue reading…

April 19, 2017


Crisis and the Failure of Economic Theory

iStock-471332612-cracked-roadThe contemporary economic crisis is an extraordinary opportunity to test the relevance of economic theory. The first lesson to be learnt from this crisis is that economic theories are not abstract constructions, extraneous to the real world, but they produce significant consequences for the welfare of a society. In other words, economic theories can cause crises. Giancarlo Bertocco explains.

Continue reading…

April 7, 2017


The Syrian Disaster and the Failure of European Strategy in the Mediterranean

barbed-fencePierre Beckouche examines how the Syrian disaster represents a fourfold failure of European strategy in the Mediterranean. Continue reading…