July 6, 2020


The Distant Spring: Philosophy and Social Innovation

colorful butterfly finds its way out of a dark tunnel, concept of freedom

Eight variations for thinking about social innovation and sustainability transitions during the coronavirus crisis by Rafael Ziegler Continue reading…

June 23, 2020


Covid19 and the half-way house of gender equality


It is hard to know how to make sense of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in particular whether it is upending established patterns or merely a mirror reflecting them back at us. There are many things we might hope would change, not least inequalities between women and men. Mary Daly explores the ‘new normal’. Continue reading…

June 17, 2020


The Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Geologistics Strategy

One Belt, One Road, Chinese strategic investment in the 21st century map

An analysis by Peter J. Rimmer

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June 8, 2020


Religious Capital, Social Capital and Health


Religion plays a prominent role in many societies and can affect many aspects of people’s lives, including their health. Ephraim Shapiro and Chen Sharony explore this link.

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May 15, 2020


Exploring the Challenges Surrounding Central Banking Today

Watercolor filtered American twenty dollar bill, on which 3D rendered COVID- 19 virus has been applied.

Louis-Philippe Rochon takes a look at central bank challenges since the financial crisis of 2007 and again during the current Coronavirus pandemic today.

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