October 11, 2017

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Marketing in the Creative Industries – Towards the Social Product

iStock-546197492-crowd-heartChris Bilton argues that the creative industries offer a new paradigm for marketing in a world where meaning and value are increasingly dependent on a shared experience of consumption. Continue reading…

October 10, 2017


Sovereignty and the ‘Gods’ of the Internet

Globe Communication Innovtion

Radim Polcak and Dan Jerker B. Svantesson discuss how different countries navigate the internet.

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October 4, 2017


New Intermediaries and the Attention Economy

Chris Bilton looks at the dominant role played by global internet companies in today’s creative and media industries Continue reading…

September 29, 2017


What Role Do Religious Institutions Play in Education?

world religions - major religions group

Sabith Khan PhD and Shariq Siddiqui PhD, JD discuss religious schools and the role they play in the US.   Continue reading…

September 21, 2017


Exploring the relationship between law and time

Law Lady blog

Frank Fagan and Saul Levmore provide important perspectives on how law’s architecture can be understood through time.

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